Imaginary Friend Designed by TNS for the Noun Project

Imaginary Friend Designed by TNS for the Noun Project

We don’t realize how much our colleagues influence us until they’re gone. Maybe you’re the sole proprietor, a freelancer, or working remotely; either way, a creative environment is still necessary for your success. Here’s a few of our favorite tips from Design Sponge‘s Margaret Hancock on creating your own: 

1. Avoid Your Favorites: When self-employed, the coffee shop becomes the office and local restaurants become the meeting room. When I first started my business, I frequented my favorites and came to know the usual suspects, the chalkboard designs, the secret parking spots, etc. Now in my fourth year of business, I make a concerted effort to stray from those beloved spots. Pushing yourself beyond places of familiarity allows you to see things in a different way. The music at the other coffee shop, the menu at the French bistro that just opened, or the mural on the wall across town may be just the thing to get creative juices flowing. Avoiding favorites necessitates observation and, ultimately, facilitates creativity.

5. Stay Resource-Rich: To stay resource-rich with a limited budget, I challenge myself each year to visit at least two museums I’ve never visited before. Of course, the local galleries and museums receive unlimited visits, but the new ones provide a fresh perspective and setting a specific goal keeps me on track. I also set aside a couple of hours at the beginning of each month to read the latest magazines at the library. Subscriptions can add up, while the library’s collection presents the same inspirational content and eye candy at no cost.  Lastly, I subscribe to mailing lists in multitudes. 

Read all six of the tips here.

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