In the Huffington Post, Herburt Lui uncovers the reasons why taking your next meeting outside will help to not only energize you, but spark ideas too:

Amidst all the different types of meetings in a work day, and in order to wrestle with all the mental constraints we have to work with (e.g., perfectionism, anxiety, insecurity, etc.), a simple 10-minute walk can do wonders for the mind. Fresh air. A change in scenery.

As it turns out, even when we aren’t paying attention, we see and remember more than we think we do….Even walking around aimlessly could stimulate your creativity and help connect some weird dots.

If you don’t have any ideas, try walks for a week. Every day when that afternoon hump hits (at around 3 p.m.), go for a 10-minute walk (or longer if you want to emulate Malcolm X’s habits) around the block instead of drinking that extra coffee.

Setting time aside to walk outside every day (preferably in a green space) can be just what you need to shake-up your routine, possibly see something new, and feel less constrained, thanks to a wide open sky. As Herburt suggests in his full writeup, why not try turning some of your daily meetings into the walk-and-talk variety?

(via Drake Baer)

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