Reading designed by Murat Yalcin from The Noun Project

Reading designed by Murat Yalcin from The Noun Project

As we do every Friday, we’ve collected our most-shared Twitter links for your weekend reading pleasure.

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  • Sarah Peterson

    That first link about to-do lists: Amazing argument. Actually, that’s how I first learned about project and time management; in mid-school they taught us how to keep track of our assignments using a calendar and breaking up work between days so we could better manage everything. Since then, I’ve been using to-do lists and apps like AMO (which I love, so sad it’s going away). Works fairly well, but I find that when I feel like procrastinating, it’s not very practical.

    I decided to try out the calendar method today—so far, halfway into my day, it feels AMAZING! Much more productive, a little adrenaline as I feel like I’m racing against the clock to get to the next project, and like I’m way more in control of what I’m working on and how long it will take. Bonus: I’ll be able to give my boss an insanely accurate answer when asked if I have time for an additional assignment, or how long a specific project takes me. Brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing this.

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