iPhone designed by Benni for the Noun Project

iPhone designed by Benni for the Noun Project

Unclutterer has some great tips up to help make this holiday season less stressful, from wi-fi switches to remember to turn the Christmas tree off, to top travel apps. Some of our favorites include:

If you’ll be road tripping, check out Waze. This service offers turn-by-turn navigation, as many do, but what makes it unique is the crowd-sourced information. As other users travel, they report on time-consuming accidents, road conditions, and map accuracy. If there’s an accident along your route, you’ll be notified in real time, allowing you to make time- and money-saving adjustments. The app even lets you know where you’ll find the cheapest gas along your route.

And for the task so many of us seem to forget until we’re already receiving them from everyone else:

If you’re still waiting to send holiday greetings, fear not. There’s still time to make and send great-looking cards from home. Shutterfly is what we use. It’s super easy to put a card together and have it delivered. Or, buy a some labels so you can print labels for them at home. Speaking of labels, Mac users can check out tutorials on creating great-looking address labels with Apple’s Contacts and Pages applications.

It’s helpful for doing quick thank-you notes before you forget, too.

Read the rest of the tips here.

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