Andreas von der Heydt is a country manager of Amazon Buy Vip in Germany, meaning he’s spent the past two years mingling with some of the best, technologically creative minds in this century. Recently he shared some of the lessons he’s learned on what it takes to truly master creativity on LinkedIn. Heydt writes:

“Masters of creativity are masters of creativity because they know ‘how’ to think and not necessarily ‘what’ to think…[For example:]

  • Switch perspectives, the more often and the more diverse, the better.
  • Question everything, don’t accept [just] anything.
  • Chunk up (generalize the problem at hand by making it more abstract) and also chunk down (go deeper and deeper to the root of the issue by making it more specific).
  • Change the sentences and the words of the problem statement by rephrasing it. Use whatever words you’d like to.
  • There’s no right and wrong. Separate the parts from the whole.”

Head on over to LinkedIn to read the full article.

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