Deadline has an excerpt of the book CG Story, which takes a look behind the scenes of the most prominent computer effects companies in Hollywood. In one passage, the authors describe the creative process of Pixar as it began planning its first feature film, Toy Story:

There would be no complacency. Nobody’s ideas were immune to criticism. On the contrary, every effort should be made to shoot holes in each other’s ideas, however sound they might seem on first inspection. This was in fact more than a rule, it was a creed, and the license to criticize, combined with the ability to take criticism, became a strong bond between the members of the [Pixar] Brain Trust. Not that this way of working was always easy. As someone who does his writing alone, seated in front of a computer, I once told Pete Docter that I envied his situation of developing a story in a group situation. He laughed and said, “You should try it sometime. It can be brutal.”

Read the entire book excerpt here.

(h/t i09)

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