The Hiut Denim Co. factory via

The Hiut Denim Co. factory via

David Hieatt of Hiut Denim Co. has advice for the makers of the world (or even those just interested in business models). His company brought back the jean making industry that had died in Cardigan, UK years prior. They founded Hiut with the mission of producing the finest quality jeans, though they knew that alone wouldn’t lead to success.

 Here’s one of our favorite parts:

IV)  No one goes to bed at night and dreams of quality.

We make one of the best pair of jeans on the planet. And we are very proud of that. But that doesn’t mean that is the best way of selling it.

Quality is what we make. It’s what we stand for. It’s what we believe in. But it is not how we will sell our jeans. People have desires and dreams and you have to learn how to make your product fit into them.

People buy a lifestyle, an image, a purpose, a superiority, part of a small elite club, rejection of the norm. Part of your job will be to understand their desires, and make sure what you make appeals to them.

Your customers go to bed each night and dream their dreams. They dream about changing the world, they dream about starting an amazing company, they dream about all sorts of crazy stuff. But they rarely dream about quality.

Don’t ever compromise on quality. But sell the dream.

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  • MariaElisaCruzLima

    Loved the article!

  • kristen

    Disagree. Quality sells the brand. Quality represents integrity and conveying both is how brands last long-term.

  • Guest

    Kristen, Like McDonalds?

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