Todd Henry’s The Accidental Creative is a keystone book for any successful creative career. While the book is from 2011, there are timeless tips on how to nail a creative project strategy within its pages. One of the most powerful insights Henry shares is about nailing your project strategy by asking the “Five W’s”: 

1. Why is this a project to begin with?

2. What purpose does the work serve, what is the end-goal?

3. Who needs to be involved, and who is the project ultimately for?

4. When does it need to be completed and when are the project milestones (if there aren’t any, make some)?

5. Where will the work appear and where will it be worked on?

Henry goes on to explain that, while the most critical part of any creative project is to first answer the five W’s, the next (and sixth) question is what often makes or breaks the creative side of the project; “How will these objectives be accomplished?”

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  • http://www.creativesomething.net/ tannerc

    You have to read the entire post to see the sixth question. It’s in there, we triple-checked.

    • Lemuel Rustia Acebron

      haha…i double checked…he must have skimmed lol. Thanks for sending me 99U this is great stuff!

      • http://www.creativesomething.net/ tannerc

        Thanks for reading and commenting Lemuel. 🙂

  • TV

    Nothing is novel. It is the standard stuff for every project manager!

    • Ghenghis McCann

      Obviously Rudyard Kipling’s poem from 1902 is out of copyright;

      I keep six honest serving-men
      (They taught me all I knew);
      Their names are What and Why and When
      And How and Where and Who.

      • http://www.creativesomething.net/ tannerc

        Sound wisdom will always be regurgitated in various formats and from a multitude of people. That’s how we can be sure it’s worthwhile, right?

    • http://www.creativesomething.net/ tannerc

      True, but how many managers do you think are out there who aren’t (yet) aware of even such standard approaches?

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