via Ivan Kirigin

via Ivan Kirigin

Entrepreneur Ivan Kirigin share his process for preparing a presentation. A few gems:

But if the target is a talk, don’t write a script because it won’t sound like you. You shouldn’t memorize the talk word for word, but you should have the ideas down front and back. This means an outline is as close as you want to get to writing everything down.


Don’t be that guy that surveys the crowd asking for a show of hands. The process is bland, biased, and lazy: you should already do the legwork to research your audience beforehand. A story is far more engaging than a survey.

The running theme through Kirigin’s post? Respect the audience. Read his entire post here.

  • Leslie Belknap

    Great content! As Marketing Director for Ethos3, a presentation design and training agency, I read many articles on this topic; Ivan Kirigin’s post is one of the best.

  • naly


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