In its quest to promote the distributed workforce, 37Signals asked readers for their commute stories. They got back such a wide array (everything from traffic jams to trains on fire) that there’s one for everybody, no matter how long or short your commute. Even if you’ve got two hours to go while stuck in a car today, you can at least be grateful that yours doesn’t look like this:

I live in a city called Nova Iguaçu, around 40 km from downtown Rio de Janeiro. So let’s say I want to get at the office around 9 AM. I need to wake up at 6 AM. Take my breakfast and shower as fast as I can, then go running for the bus stop. This bus will take me to the train station in Nova Iguaçu. It takes like 20 minutes, in a good day, to get there. [The train] usually never arrives at the scheduled time, really never… no air conditioner for us. Imagine in the middle of Rio’s summer of 43 degrees. Crazy hot, and crazy sad and sweaty. So the train takes like 1h, also when it don’t break on the way, to get to the downtown of Rio de Janeiro. Summing all up it takes around 2h 30min, in good days to get to work. When there’s some havoc on the train lines, some bad guys put fire on some trains, it can take 3h+. 

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  • Sarah Peterson

    While my commute has never been anywhere near the nightmares described in that article, I moved to Seattle a few years ago (from a small, sleepy little town I grew up in) and was appalled that sometimes it would take me 45 minutes to drive about eight miles to work. After a year of that, I decided to pay a hundred dollars more for rent to move right around the corner from my office, and immediately felt guilty for my leisurely commute. It’s like if you choose to live in the Seattle area, you automatically inherit a crappy commute, and it’s sort of what we all can bond over. Now it seriously takes me five minutes to drive to work, I only have to fill up every two weeks at most. It is the epitome of a guilty pleasure, haha.

  • JoZak

    I work in Jakarta. My coworker wakes up at 330 in the morning to take train, bus, and mini bus (all without a/c) to get to work for a total trip between 2 and 3 hours every day. Total distance? Less than 20km. Thank you traffic.

  • Cesar Idrobo

    I used to commute on a bus from Downtown LA to Beverly Hills everyday for 45min in a good day. Coming back home took me longer because buses were usually full, so I’d take me from 1hr to 1hr and half.

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