Have you been thinking about attending the 99U Pop-Up School, but haven’t booked yet? Well, the time is now. Our Brand + Digital Strategy Day is sold out, and we only have a handful of tickets for the other two days: Career Development Day (9/18) and Entrepreneurship Day (9/19).

You can see the full details on the lineups below — but they’re both blockbusters, including talks from Alexis Ohanian, Simon Sinek, Scott Belsky, James Victore, and more. Basically, some of the most talented, insightful, and dynamic speakers in the 99U braintrust.

Because we want all of our favorite people there — that means you, dear 99U reader — we’re doing one last-minute promotion: You can use the promo code “99ureader” to get 20% off tickets from now through tomorrow, Sept 11th at 12 p.m. EST.

The remaining tickets will go fast, so we recommend registering now.


For this one-day career development intensive, we’ll focus on how to build and nurture an incredible career. On the Playground, we’ll be offering instruction on everything from the art of salary negotiation to Myers-Briggs personality testing to time management consultations. In the Lecture Hall, we’ll present talks and master classes from:

  • Scott Belsky // Head of Behance
  • Simon Sinek // Leadership Expert & Author, Start With Why
  • James Victore // Designer & Educator
  • Heidi Grant Halvorson // Associate Director, Columbia University Motivation Science Center
  • Ben Barry // Co-Founder & Designer, Facebook Analog Research Lab

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ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY // Thur Sept 19, 2013

For this one-day entrepreneurship intensive, we’ll focus on how to transform your start-up idea into an incredible business. On the Playground, we’ll be offering practice sessions for pitching your start-up, mentor sessions on business planning, plus a Teachers’ Lounge for entrepreneurial advice. In the Lecture Hall, we’ll present talks and master classes from:

  • Alexis Ohanian // Co-Founder, Reddit
  • Neil Blumenthal // Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker
  • Kathryn Minshew // Founder & CEO, The Muse
  • Patrick Buckely // Co-Founder, DODOcase
  • Craig Dalton // Co-Founder, DODOcase

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