As made famous by Joshua Foer in his book Moonwalking With Einstein, there’s an entire sport dedicated to “memory games.” Contestants memorize an entire deck of cards or a complicated set of numbers. With some practice, anyone can have a competition-level memory. OPEN Forum shares some of the techniques for having a rock solid memory:

Convert words to pictures. This essential tip works for two reasons: First, we naturally remember visual cues better than words, and second, the more senses you involve in learning or storing something, the better you will be at recalling it. Say you need to remember to submit a proposal to a client at 10 p.m. for a meeting the next day. You commit your task to memory by visualizing your proposal—a stack of papers—on top of an alarm clock that reads “10 p.m.” The trick here is to make the picture vivid. So visualize an alarm clock, time flashing, alarm blaring, and focus on it. 10 p.m. … proposal … got it.

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