The call to action was simple: we wanted to round up the best and brightest young entrepreneurs for our first ever 99U Pop-Up School. The “Class of 2103” is an eclectic group of makers, coders, artists and more, all with a passion for getting things done. Winners received a free three-day pass to the Pop-Up School, an opportunity to lead a Round Table Talk at the event, and access to a private cocktail event at Samsung Accelerator.

Along with our friends at Samsung Accelerator, we’re happy to present the winners:

Anselm Bradford
Fellow, Code for America

Alison Bryce
Project Manager, No Noisy

John Coghlan
Co-Founder, DUMBO Startup Lab

Natty Coleman
Designer, Freelance

Dean Cooney
Intern, Wildcard

Lex Evan
Founder, The Design Directory Group

Ian Gadson
Designer, Freelancer

Navit Keren
UX Designer, Huge

Konstantinos Kollias
Communication Design Consultant, Freelance

Meghan Lazier
Entrepreneur & Communications Strategist

Joe Loveless
Chief Ideator, Digital Nomad

David Mahoney
Designer, Freelance

Mariana Marcaletti
Journalist & Media Analyst

Khary Kwabena Menelik
Mobile Developer, Independent

Elan Miller
Co-founder, Glimpse

Fares Nimri
Leader, Talentscout

Ehsan Noursalehi
VP & Designer, Bump Nonprofit Design Studio

Sean O’Connor
Ruckus Maker

Brijesh Patel
CTO & COO, InquisitHealth

Betty Quinn
MFA Student, Parsons

John Smith
Student, Berklee College of Music

Joe Speicher
Founder, Ground to Grounds

Jake Szymanski
Strategist, Instrument

Shahrouz Varshabi
Developer/Designer, No Noisy

Pei Zhan
Founder, Dezign Lab

A big thank you to everyone who applied!

  • Khary Kwabena Menelik


  • Khary Menelik

    Had a great time!

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