Harvard professor Prof. Deepak Malhotra on how to ask for things and get them. It’s a long one, but it’s packed full of actionable tips that can put you in the right mindset before you sit town at the negotiation table. I suggest leaving it on in the background as you work. Choice quotes:

“First, they need to like you…They have to believe that you deserve it. It’s not enough that you believe you deserve it, it has to be justifiable to them. Dont ever ask for something with out giving the reason why you deserve it…”


You need to be flexible in the currency they pay you in. You shouldn’t care about salary. You shouldn’t care about your bonus. You shouldn’t care about your options. You shouldn’t care about what city you’re in. You should care about the value of the whole deal. The more ways you give them to pay you, the more likely you will get paid.

…and that was all just in the first few minutes. Start at 3:21 to get right into it.

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