Amy Poehler recently appeared on the By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin podcast, and talked about how her perspective on things has changed between now and when she was 25. Poehler says she used to get so worked up over things that, in hindsight, didn’t matter. And now when she feels in crisis, she asks older-her for a future perspective.

Sometimes when I feel in crisis or down, I try to give myself advice that the older me would give, I try to think about what a 90, 80-year-old version of myself would say. [I’d say], “You’re beautiful, you’re great, it’s fine.” Right? It would always be “you’re fine, you’re fine, look at you, you’re walking, everything is fine…” 

[Older people] just aren’t that interested in feeling sad. When you’re in your twenties you can spend the whole f***ing day feeling bad about yourself… But when you’re old, you just don’t have the time.

Listen to the rest of the (hilarious but R-rated) podcast here.

  • AnneLouise

    Wallowing in Sad ( I am not talking about depression, here) is kind of self-indulgent, and probably a younger persons time-energy drain. Hopefully, anyway. Once you hit your forties, there is no time for that- too much to do!!!

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