OPEN Forum takes a look at smart nightly rituals to ensure a productive day. Our favorite? Chris Brogan’s night time to-do list: 

Chris Brogan, author and founder of Human Business Works, provides an interesting twist to the traditional to-do list. It’s a powerful, five-part preparation template. Imagine how your life would change if you adopted this practice every night. Give it a try.

Tomorrow, I’m going to ____________________.
To be ready, I need to ___________________.
I will remember my ______________.
The random thoughts that just filled my head are ______________.
Also remember to _______________.

Dump the ideas out of your head so you can rest peacefully and know exactly where to pick up tomorrow. Smart. Read the rest of the article on OPEN Forum, this month’s sponsor of Workbook.

  • Mike Post

    This is why I use Pivotal Tracker. Anything important is in there, and I can go to sleep well

  • Matt Alexander

    I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you but to me it seems like you’re killing a fly with a rocket launcher.

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