Stefan Brechbühl, from The Noun Project

Stefan Brechbühl, from The Noun Project

There’s something romantic about the worker who keeps their head down, getting things done with little fanfare. Unfortunately, those who get noticed usually have more of a self-promotional streak. Chris Guillebeau, author of The $100 Startup, shares some business lessons for those starting their own projects, including the importance of getting the word out:

Divide your time between work and talk. Yes, you should work hard on creating products and services—but you also shouldn’t hesitate to get the word out. I called this “hustling”—the art of gentle self-promotion. Every day, I keep two lists in front of me: what I need to accomplish, and who I need to keep up with. Communicating with customers and readers is part of the job, not something to be delegated.

Read more of Guillebeau’s advice at OPEN Forum, this month’s sponsor of Workbook.

  • Gordon Gray

    When I was at college in London, a cockney student friend used to say “You have to blow your own trumpet ’cause nobody elso knows the tune”!

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    Yes, I will do so.

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