You’ve finally decided to move on from your job and you’ve put in your two-weeks resignation! Huzzah! But before you start smuggling home your favorite stapler, keep in mind that the last few weeks are a crucial time if you’re depending on any recommendations to take with you when you go. The Art of Manliness has a number of Do’s-and-Don’ts to keep in mind when you’ve decided to quit your job, but this was our favorite:

Don’t get “trunky.” When I was on a two-year mission for my church, once a missionary approached the last few months of his service, he’d  often start to get “trunky” – the term we used for figuratively having one’s bags packed, and mentally starting to check out.

It’s easy to get trunky once you’ve put in your two weeks’ notice at a job. But it’s important to dig in and finish strong. Not only is your company still paying you, but you want to leave on a high note. First impressions get a lot of emphasis, but psychologists have found that people remember best both the first part of an experience and the last part– which is to say your final two weeks will constitute much of what your former colleagues remember about you.

Don’t start any new projects during your last two weeks, but do all you can to tie up loose ends. Fill in your colleagues about where any open projects stand, where you left off with XYZ, and where they can find your documents and files. Ask them how you can help them out in your transition. Leave the company in as good a shape as possible. Make them sad to see you go, and hoping you’ll cross paths again someday.

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