We humans think we’re rational, logical creatures but science constantly proves otherwise. We have tons of biases that can supersede rational thought. So how do we inject a little cold logic into our day-to-day? By framing our choices as advice to our friends. Dan Ariely, author of The Honest Truth About Dishonesty, has more in a Q and A with his readers:

For example, in one experiment we told people, “Imagine you went to your doctor and the doctor recommended a very expensive treatment. You’ve been seeing this doctor for 10 years. Would you go for a second opinion?” Most people said “no.” We asked another group to imagine a friend in the same situation. Would they recommend that a friend seek out a second opinion? Most people said “yes.”

This suggests that when we think about other people, we take our emotions out of the picture and are able to recommend something more useful—such as going for a second opinion.

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