A study done by the British Psychological Society in December 2012 found that the personal use of smart phones, even if it’s only sitting next to you at your desk, could increase your stress rate. The amount of times the phone was checked and an increase in “phantom vibrations” were found to go hand-in-hand with rising stress levels. From the study’s overview:

The study established the existence of a helpful-stressful cycle; it found that a device is typically acquired to help an individual manage their work load. However, once the individual starts to use their smart phone the work load management benefits are displaced by the pressure to keep abreast with their new expanded virtual social life. The more an individual becomes stressed and worried the more compulsive behaviours such as checking will occur.

If you catch yourself checking your phone more than once every few hours or feeling a fake vibration with no message behind it, it might be time to put it in the other room or turn it off for a few hours.

Read more at The British Psychological Society.

  • http://raymondduke.com/ Raymond Duke

    It’s interesting why this happens. Our bodies..well, more like our brains, realize the importance we place on our phone notifications, so signals get sent for us to check up on them — even when they are not going off. Putting your phone off to the side is good advice — the less attention we give to our phones, the better the chances of making these phantom occurrences go away.

    • http://www.batdelfuego.com David Couillard

      And the better chances we have at “enjoying the moment”…

  • http://DesignerRobRusso.com/ Designer Rob Russo

    Wow. I *have* felt those phantom vibrations…

    Guilty as charged.

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