Ben Casnocha, author of The Startup of You tells a story of a lecture where the only folks that were taking notes were also some of the more successful members of the audience. Do note-taking and success go hand in hand?

You could argue people have different approaches to capturing nuggets of wisdom and committing those nuggets to memory. Sure. But I’m skeptical of passive learning. If you don’t write down what you’re hearing and learning, what are the odds you remember it?

There was plenty to write down, to be sure. It was an insightful talk. What gives? My theory: The audience was mostly students. Experts — or those who have deconstructed what experts do — take notes. Novices don’t see the point.

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  • David Rea

    The smart people at Field Notes Brand have a token quote: “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.” Seems pertinent.

  • Sarah Peterson

    I think taking notes is an awesome skill. Not only does it help me process and remember things now and later, it’s a great way to catalog your work and thought process (which you can refer to later to emulate for other projects), and probably the biggest benefit (in my mind) is this: it helps you appear more trustworthy and competent in the eyes of your client. Take going out to dinner, for example: yes, it’s impressive when a waiter/waitress can remember an entire table’s 8-10 orders without taking notes, but it puts everyone on edge until the food comes, wondering if the server will remember everything accurately. Not a good first impression, even if you DO have an amazing memory.

  • Victor Manuel Ramirez

    Studies also show that taking notes immediately after greatly benefits you because you are immediately forced to recall the information.

  • Sam J

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