Productivity blog Asian Efficiency writes about the benefits of working “normal” business hours. One of the ways to make sure you get done everything you need to? The Silent Cockpit.

The Silent Cockpit is a concept from aviation where the takeoff sequence below 10,000ft in an airplane is done in silence – nothing is permitted to interrupt the pilots during this time.

In the context of knowledge work, this means setting aside 1-3 hours for yourself either very early in the morning or very late at night (when the possibility of external distractions and interruptions drops drastically) and working on your most important task(s). The key is to do this when no one else is up and about and you aren’t going to be interrupted.

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  • Lahav Gil

    Great advice. Simple. Doable. Effective. Thx!

  • Slavo Ingilizov

    Or rather, don’t make time for yourself, but change things so that the company you work for gives you the non-interrupted time by default. Then the analogy would be better.

  • Evielyn Chapman

    I love this! Have been doing it for years! My favourite time of the day is the morning when I sneak out of bed before everyone is up, make a coffee, check what happened while I was sleeping, & plan my day… Absolutely Invaluable!

  • swetha

    Excellent conceptual explanation on time management in the resource that you have provided. Thought of commenting there, but it would be good if I do it here and that is why I am writing here.

    I do take care of my time and management perfectly. I do a lot of stuffs to make sure my time is managed fine. One such is making a priority list, which I will work on first in the day and then go on with my regular routine. Moreover, I use some tools to make sure my time is tracked properly and I use Replicon time and expense tracking software – and Google calender.

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