Linda Nakanishi, from The Noun Project
“I know I should eat healthy and I don’t. I know I should spend time with my kids and I don’t. I know that, yes, money isn’t going to make me happy and I still keep trying to make money. It’s an amazing thing about humans that we have these mistakes that we make all the time and it’s not lack of information.” — Harvard professor Michael Norton on how to be happy.

Image: Linda Nakanishi, from The Noun Project

  • Philip Illum Thonbo

    its not the what or the how its the why… it takes intrinsic motivation to change habbits

  • theirmind

    Sometimes, I had to know.

  • theydopaymetothink

    Yes, you do need more information. “Eating healthy” and “more time” are as meaningless as “The sky is big”. Quantification plus values plus motivation equals real results.

  • matthewdlyons

    I think some commenters are being too literal. It’s not that we dont need information, I think the point of Norton’s quote is that too many people use needing more information as an excuse not to act.

  • Cathy

    It’s not a problem of information. It’s a problem of skewed priorities. To enforce the right priorities, maybe you need to be a bit less self-centered, and be able to “give up” on some things. Need to be a bit more balanced between job and family, personal and group activities, spiritual and material activities, rest and the rest ? It gives balance and meaning to your life.

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