Web designer and author Paul Jarvis shares a great list of personal choices that have allowed him to complete his work more efficiently and effectively. A few highlights:

  • Unsubscribe from newsletters that don’t compel you to read them immediately.
  • Use one program at a time.
  • No notifications while working.
  • Take a break when you’re frustrated.
  • Follow fewer people on social media.
  • Work at your peak time.

Simple tweaks to the way you do things can make a huge difference in how you experience your work. More importantly, though, is knowing what activities to not optimize. Jarvis’ favorite non-optimizable activities are spending time with loved ones, laughing until his stomach hurts, and walking in the woods.

For even more great ideas and suggestions, check out the in-text comments from readers over at the article.

  • http://pjrvs.com/ Paul Jarvis

    Thanks for sharing my article!

  • Mitchell Kyle

    Loved and enjoyed your article Paul! The full article is a much better read. Take the 3 minutes and hear what’s said. Good work and keep uploading helpful insights Paul!

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