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As the longtime coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick has been to five Super Bowls. He’s won three of them, tops among active coaches and tied for second all time. In a keynote address at an NFL event, he spoke about a wide range of topics including the personalities that make the best leaders. Belichick highlighted Troy Brown, a soft-spoken wide receiver as one of the best leaders he’s ever coached:

We’ve had [great] players that would never say a word, [like] Troy Brown. He is never going to say a word.

He would never be one to stand up before a game and give some big team speech. That just wasn’t his style. But nobody had more leadership than Troy Brown did. So it’s not about giving a team speech, it’s not about having some big presentation or anything. Leadership is about doing your job and putting the team first. When Troy Brown played for us, he returned kicks, he covered kicks, he caught a lot of passes in the slot, he blocked and when we needed him in some very critical situations he went over and played defense against some very good teams and very good players. Was it always perfect? No, but he competed as hard as he could.

He did the very best he could for the team and that’s all you could ask for; it didn’t matter what it was. Here is an example of a guy who was as good of a leader as I’ve ever coached who said probably less than any player of his stature that I’ve ever coached. So it’s not about volume or who’s the most talkative guy. It’s the guy who does his job and puts the best interests of the team and organization in the lead.

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  • brittanyerin

    Being quiet is always something that I’ve been very ashamed of, especially when in large groups. So, it’s nice to see more articles like this being posted. Just because I’m not speaking doesn’t mean I’m not thinking. It just means I need more time to ruminate, process and fully understand an idea before I can offer something that I know will be of value.

  • Ani Remme

    I find that the best leaders know when to remain silent (and listen!!) and when to speak. Most meetings talk about ‘content’. Content is like the cereal. Someone who is effective can see what underpins all the content. This person looks at context. The context is like the bowl holding the cereal. It can be undetectable to all but a careful observer! It is what changes the shape of things, and causes movement in areas where there has been a stalemate or no obvious solution. It is all balance! Einstein said “You can’t solve a problem with the same mind-set that created it.’ (My paraphrasing!) We have to learn to ‘see in the dark!’

    By the way…..I’m looking for work- Need a good project manager etc?

  • Sarah

    You all need to read “Quiet” by Susan Cain.

  • Aida A

    It’s ironic that the vast majority thinks that only if you are flower
    power, all the time extroverted, equals that you understand human
    resources or that you can lead a team.

    I really believe in
    cooperation, in everybody bulding that team and the one responsible for
    the whole to not get lost in a title, but to work and represent best the
    spirit of that team.

    Thank you for the beautiful article!


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