“Ambition drives people forward; relationships and community, by imposing limits, hold people back. Which is more important?” — Emily Esfahani Smith

Ambition is arguably a very important component of doing well in our work. It helps us take on new challenges, grow our skills, and advance in our careers. However, it’s possible that ambition comes at a cost of our relationships. Long hours can keep us away from our families, competition among colleagues can fray friendships, and a focus on achieving the next “step” at the expense of all else can be borne from ambition and negatively impact our well-being.

Allow work to be a vehicle for well-being, not an obstacle to overcome on the path to well-being.

  • Sashank Dara

    now what does the last line mean ? to strike a balance ?

  • IJP

    That’s it? I came here looking for insight into how one can achieve an effective balance between ambition and close personal relationships. All this offers is some cliche words of wisdom without any real substance.

    Poor excuse for content, 99u.

  • Terence Imoma

    What if happen once a person achieve all his ambitions? What such a person will still have to do in his life? Indeed if my ambitions are working at the expense of my surrounding it means that I am already working against myself.

    Lot of researches tend to demonstrate that happiness comes from the good relationship between people. If you try to remember the best moments you had in your life, the moments you were really happy, you will discover something: they were most of the time linked to someone else or a group of people. A person is unable to really appreciate his success if it’s not valued by the society, by people that he likes.

    A good community is a community in which each person works for the benefice and the success of the others, for the community. Each person keeps his uniqueness but receive much more than what he would have achieved by himself. The sum of all the parts is just higher than the each piece taken individually.

    The real question is how to build such strong environment that will allow a person to develop at the maximum of himself?

    The successful companies of tomorrow will be the companies who will understand that only this kind of environment can keep an employee motivated.

  • http://www.behance.net/adardarnov Adar Darnov

    Amen. Why do we work in the first place?

  • Tommyboy69

    I just fuck anything that walks

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