Asking questions is a crucial part of problem solving of any type, especially when it comes to creative and commercial excellence. Author of Glimmer and innovation speaker Warren Berger shows you how to ask better questions in this Fast Company article — by considering multiple point of views, with an emphasis on one particular perspective:

Innovation is driven by questions that are original, bold, counterintuitive, and perceptive. Some of the designers I’ve talked to about questioning–people like Wurman, Stefan Sagmeister, Yves Behar, and others–have observed that coming up with the right question, the one that casts a familiar challenge in a new light, is an art and science in itself. It demands that the questioner be able to look at an existing reality from multiple viewpoints, including, perhaps most importantly, that of the “naïve outsider.”

  • Philip Illum Thonbo

    <— now with name : "divergent thinking – as simple as that" 😉

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