When working with clients it’s tempting to see projects as a journey from point A to point B. But viewing the relationship as a long-term opportunity to educate your clients in your field of expertise, can help you build more value and (hopefully) land more paid gigs. From the folks at Hourglass:

When you take the time to educate your clients on the problems that they’re experiencing and how your services/products can alleviate this pain, a few different things happen:

  • They start to view you as an authority.
  • They start to understand why they need you.
  • They start to like you.

So, you can take the short-term approach to working with clients (“What words do you want to rank for? Just let us know and we’ll try and make it happen”) or you can play the long game (“Our newsletter actually has an upcoming article on SEO for small businesses just like yours, would you mind if we sent it to you?”). Which situation sounds like a win-win to you?

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