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Word notebooks have a simplified use guide that offers a code of sorts for marking to-do lists. Though the code is meant for their notebooks, we’d like to think you can use it on any stationery.

  • Bronwyn

    I have a variant on this that is typeable:
    x done
    – to do
    o high priority to do
    / cancelled
    > waiting for someone/something

    • Sean Blanda

      Love this!

      • Bronwyn

        I stole the idea from an old 37signals blog post about their actions lists from meetings, and then later I invented the waiting-for and cancelled signs when I found they were common enough statuses to need it. Now, if only I could be more reliable about keeping my list up to date…

    • Laurent Boncenne

      wow, great stuff!
      never thought about doing it that way until I read this post!

  • Scott Belsky

    I have longed used the circle around the checkbox as a way to say that I am delaying something or waiting for it to be done…but that no action is required at the moment. Here’s a snapshot…

  • Vince

    I find it hard to move forward with any stationary process 😦

  • Michael

    I think the dash based system is more elegant, especially if a paper based system

    – (Dash): Undone Action Item.
    + (Plus): Done Action Item.
    (Right Arrow): Waiting – (i.e. for another action).
    ^ (Triangle): Data Point.
    O (Circle): A circle around any of the above means that it has been carried forward, moved to another list or otherwise changed status – i.e. a “Waiting” item has now become an Action Item elsewhere (with a note about where that item has gone).

    (see source

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