From the outside, Subway founder Fred DeLuca seems to have rocketed to success. In 1974, the sandwich company opened its first franchise. Now, there are more Subway franchises than McDonalds. DeLuca, however, preaches a rational, measured approach to his success. From an interview in Inc:

[Success is] a little like if we were going to take a cross-country trip. We get in the car, and we know we’re 3,000 miles away, and then 2,000 miles away, and then 1,000 miles away. You know where you are, and when you’re five miles out, you’re not horribly excited. When you get there, you say, Hey, great, we’re here–but it’s like you saw it coming. I think the fact that you could see it coming for a long time makes it a lot different from suddenly winning the lottery. It was gratifying, but it wasn’t one of those occasions that called for jumping up and down. At least not for me.

A lot of stuff happens daily when you’re running a company like Subway. If you get too happy about some things or too unhappy about others, you get worn out. It’s best if you can pace yourself a little bit more.

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