Switching jobs can help us quickly find the right role for us, but it can also deprive us of the deep, enriching professional development that can come with really hacking away at something for years and years. Jeff Goins wrote about the three levels of commitment when it comes to work. The deepest one, he believes, is the “marriage level.”

When [my wife] takes a job, she has a “marriage” mentality about it. She doesn’t devise an exit strategy or consider her next steps. There are no stepping-stones in her book; she has no backup plans.

She’s not like many people her age, looking over her shoulder for something better to come along. She just knows how always looking for the next best thing can sabotage your work and rob you of where you are now.

He continues:

We don’t need your restlessness or your excitement. We have enough Peter Pans, thank you very much. What we need is a little more conviction in our difference-makers. We need your focus, your pluck, your courage.

We need you to commit.

Read Jeff’s entire essay on the Three Levels of Commitment.

  • http://twitter.com/knownasilya Ilya Radchenko

    This is great insight to grab on too. I can personally say that it affects your work and dedication. This idea doesn’t just apply to careers as a whole, but also to choices within that career. For example, jumping around from technology to the latest and greatest, preventing growth and experience. It also applies to hobbies and things you might be passionate about. I needed this reminder.Thanks.

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