“Nothing makes a conversation more grueling than one side not having questions for the other.” – Coffee Meetings

“Can you meet for coffee?”

These words may be the most heard words by many entrepreneurs and creative professionals. The coffee meeting seems to be the go-to scenario for impromptu and informal information sharing. However, too often, people do them wrong. Len Kendall shares his tidbits of advice:

  • Coffee meetings aren’t blind dates so buy your own coffee.
  • Spend two minute Googling each other so you can come prepared with questions for the other person.
  • Don’t have coffee out of obligation because your head and heart won’t be into the conversation. At the very least, use it as an opportunity to learn from somebody.
  • Set expectations at the beginning of the meeting and provide the other person with 1 or 2 steps you are going to take to avoid an awkward ending.
  • http://twitter.com/gidgey Bridget Willard

    Good tips.

  • http://twitter.com/theirmind theirmind

    Oh. I understand.

  • http://twitter.com/sayahillman Saya Hillman

    Do you say yes to all of them, Sam and Len? I used to. Now I say no more than I say yes, just not enough hours in the day (or quite honestly, interest in rehashing my story) when you’re getting four to nine a week. Well I say no, why don’t you come to one of my events/meet me at this event I’m already going to…

    Ironic, in that my tagline is “Helping people live a Life of Yes!” I’ve learned living an LOY sometimes means saying no.

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