“First, he has a depth of knowledge and a focused expertise in one skill or discipline. This characteristic is represented by the vertical stroke of the T. Second, he has an interest in and a willingness to use a broad range of skills and disciplines outside his area of expertise.” – To Succeed in Work and Life, Be Mr. T

Leonardo da Vinci was a master artist but dabbled in anatomy, mechanics, and architecture (to name a few). Each of these sub-disciplines also served to make him a better artist. The Art of Manliness shares a couple of ideas for becoming a T-shaped individual:

  • Gain mastery in one discipline
  • Read broadly
  • Remain curious
  • Actively dabble

Having skills in multiple disciplines allows you to gain more insights into your area of expertise since creativity is largely about making connections between disparate ideas. Additionally, life simply becomes more interesting when you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to strengthen your range of interests.

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