“A life in which we habitually abandon the known Good Things in order to helplessly stab at ‘managing’ a nebulous morass of chaoses that we can never control is not much of a life at all.” — Merlin Mann

It feels good to empty your email inbox. It feels even better to focus on the stuff you’ve committed to making happen. Don’t let managing the unknown distract you from the known. Merlin Mann is the creator of “Inbox Zero”, a simple email management philosophy that’s not really about email at all.

At the end of the day a box full of email is just a box full of stuff that may or may not hold any relevance to your work and life. Obsessing over keeping that box empty at the expense of the really cool projects you’ve already accepted responsibility for isn’t a great trade-off.

From the man who literally coined the phrase “Inbox Zero” — you have permission to close your email and do something awesome.

  • http://growthhero.net/ David Fallarme

    When I started Inbox Zero I was definitely obsessed with the Zero. And forgot about the point of the whole thing, which was to do get back more time to do the stuff I wanted to do. I wised up eventually when I realized it was pointless – the whole purpose of having an empty inbox is so you can fill it with new, interesting things.

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