Social media teaches us to take a reactive stance. Just log onto Twitter or Facebook and the information streams in incessantly. You could spend your entire lifetime (and then some) just replying to other peoples’ updates. But if we want social media to truly serve us, we need to start taking a more mindful approach to how we use it.

In our new 99U book, Tiny Buddha’s Lori Deschene offers up a handful of hard-hitting questions we should all be asking ourselves:

  • Is it necessary to share this? Will it add value to my life and for other people?
  • Can I share this experience later so I can focus on living it now?
  • Am I looking for validation? Is there something I could do to validate myself?
  • Am I avoiding something I need to do instead of addressing why I don’t want to do it?
  • Am I feeling bored? Is there something else I could do to feel more purposeful and engaged in my day?
  • Am I feeling lonely? Have I created opportunities for meaningful connection in my day?
  • Am I afraid of missing out? Is the gratification of giving in to that fear worth missing out on what’s in front of me?
  • Am I overwhelming myself, trying to catchup? Can I let go of yesterday’s conversation and join today’s instead?
  • Can I use this time to simply be instead of looking for something to do to fill it?

This is an excerpt from Manage Your Day-to-Day, the new book from 99U, with contributions from Lori Deschene, Gretchen Rubin, Scott Belsky, Seth Godin, and many more.

  • paulakiger

    Love this.

  • David Lee Angstead

    thank you!

  • Seun Salako (WISS?)

    this is an answer to the questions i’ve been asking myself lately. thanks. very helpful

  • theirmind

    Oh, I understand.

  • John Verbruggen

    Good questions! I have ordered the book immediately, when I received the newsletter with announcement of this book. I’m looking forward to it!

  • rlstewardson

    Insightful stuff. Thanks!

  • Vabluegrass

    Hey…. where’s the facebook icon? I want to share this! 😉

    • Sean Blanda

      Hover over the share icon by the headline and you’ll have all of your sharing options appear.

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