“They think just pushing out a CV to hundreds of places is enough, that that is productive in their eyes. There’s hardly anyone going the extra mile, I’d say go that extra mile – it’s never crowded.” — Sarah Parmenter

Finding a job you love is one of the hardest things you’ll do in your life, especially when you’re just starting out. Yet some people still think that path to their dream job is to blast their resume to employers and hope for the best.

Sarah Parmenter, quoted above, owns an interface design studio and spoke to Steer about what makes for a good job candidate. It’s often because they go the extra mile, she says, even if it’s as innocent as following up. Later in the interview Parmenter explains how she found her most recent hire:

I met her at a conference I did for her school and amongst about 20 girls who came up to me at the end of my talk, asking if they could do work experience with me, she was the only one who followed up via email, and contented to follow up every couple of weeks. I eventually relented and asked if she would like to do work experience and then she came to do a year’s worth of apprenticing last June.

The entire interview is worth a read for the career advice alone.

  • Lance Howell

    Exactly. To many people think the extra mile means desperate. My dad always thought me to ask for what I want because the worst I can be told us “No”..

  • Simon F Chartier

    I couldn’t agree more. As a student in game/level design, I got an interview as a level designer intern. They refused me, saying they weren’t looking for an artistic guy with a “graphic designer” background. I went for that extra mile offering my service as an UI design intern and, got the internship. That mile pays off pretty much.

  • http://mattragland.com/ Matt Ragland

    Indeed. As I prepare to move to a new city and look for a job, this is a great reminder about what is needed to stand out and do great work.

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