“When you’re in your 20s and have that leadership gene, the bad thing is that you don’t know when to shut up. You think you know all the answers, but you don’t. What you learn later is when to just listen to everybody else…. Creativity cannot explode if you do not have the ability to step back, take in what everybody else says and then fuse it with your own ideas.” — Francesca Zambello

In the New York Times, General Director of the Glimmerglass Festival Francesca Zambello recounts what she’s learned throughout her career and speaks a lot about working with people older and (sometimes) smarter than you. There’s lots of sage advice for any young creative trying to break into their field.

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  • http://www.freshwisdomonline.com/ Reggie

    Interesting quote. As a 26-year-old, in my experience I’ve seen that most twenty somethings I know fall into two camps: The know it all type or the unashamed “I definitely am still figuring things out type”. Personally I wouldn’t trust ANYONE who claims to know all the answers – no matter how old or young they are.

    • Smith

      I’d suggest a third camp – the ones that never back themselves. It’s true there are a lot of cocky kids, but equally, many who could use a bit more self-belief. Especially in this context of leadership.

  • http://profiles.google.com/keuric Timothy Casey Smyth

    You know, I get the point of this.

    But it’s laughable to think it’s limited to people in their 20s. I am the third youngest person on my international team – the youngest is about to become my boss. He’s driven, brilliant, ambitious and works incredibly hard. I’ve never heard something stupid or ill-thought come out of his mouth.

    There is a 50 year-old on my team who is possibly the most infantile grown-person I’ve ever met. He is offended by any and everything, the company is a dot-com and he insists his computer is out to get him and has little to no patience with technology.

    This cuts many ways, don’t paint the young crowd with such a massive brush.

    • Sean Blanda

      For sure, leaders without experience can come at any age.

  • http://twitter.com/theirmind theirmind

    I fusion of the idea of a lot of people, from astronomy to geography, from religion to science.

  • mono

    buggy page, bad desig = I didn´t read anything :yaoming:

  • Mellati

    “Research is to see what everybody else has seen
    And to thing what nobody else had thought ” Averrt Szent-Gorgyi

    You’re the best think you

  • http://www.koozai.com/ Mike Essex

    This is true of pretty much every 20 year old who has ever appeared on The Apprentice. Oh wait, scratch that, pretty much everyone who has appeared on The Apprentice.

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