“I can’t control if a publisher will want my work… If I rail against the world for things that are out of my control, I’m unnecessarily giving away power (and expending a great deal of energy). It’s a waste.”
Jeff Goins

All of your work, from the simplest email reply to the most epic creative work you do, starts from the most basic of resources: your energy. As Goins clearly articulates, worrying about the things outside your control accomplishes nothing except expending a lot of energy that could be better spent elsewhere.

Try taking stock of what you actually have control over in a typical day. You’ll likely be surprised by how little you can really influence. Instead of letting that be a source of stress, try embracing it and narrowing your focus to where you can have the greatest impact.

Luckily, how you approach your work and conduct yourself on a minute-to-minute basis are completely under your control and are the building blocks for a successful career and life.

  • http://www.warwickkay.com/ Warwick Kay

    “Don’t Worry About Things You Can’t Control” is also a great life tip in general.

  • http://www.warwickkay.com/ Warwick Kay

    No I haven’t, but I will now! Thanks

    • http://twitter.com/samspurlin Sam Spurlin

      Epictetus is particularly accessible. I’ve collected some of my favorite quotes from his writing here. Should give you a good taste of what it’s all about: http://gettinghistorydone.com/search/epictetus

  • Sashank Dara

    But for me its more stressful to think that , the success of the project am working is beyond my control 😦 , any tips here ?

    • http://twitter.com/samspurlin Sam Spurlin

      The elements that lead to the success of the project are completely in control. The quality of the work, the creativity of the ideas, etc. Focus on those smaller things and the success of the project will take care of itself. What you can’t control is how people will react to the project — but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them every single reason to love it.

      • Sashank Dara

        What are the elements that lead to success ? any references ?
        also how do i deal with the stress caused due to impatience, compulsiveness, obsession while in process of doing an exciting project and waiting for results ?

  • Scott

    this is part of one of my key principles “worry about things you can change and plan for the things you cannot”

  • Ando Gro

    Control is an illusion that gets us into all kinds of trouble

    • http://twitter.com/samspurlin Sam Spurlin

      Well said.

  • ljpljpljp

    This is the mantra that some people use to try to stifle and control other people.

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