Regardless of the way you keep track of what you need to do, it can be easy to spend too much time fiddling with tools instead of actually working. David Sparks offers a couple pieces of key advice to help you put your focus back where it matters — your work.

  1. Don’t work from your entire task list. Start each day by creating a manageable daily list.
  2. Only use due dates for tasks that will truly blow up if they aren’t finished by that date.
  3. If you’re hit with a bit of info during the day throw it in your inbox and keep working.
  4. End your day by cleaning out the tasks that accumulated in your inbox during the day.
  5. In between your morning and evening organization sessions remember the most important thing —  do stuff.

Your preferred software or method of organization doesn’t matter. Productively using your tools is much less about the tools in question and more about the behaviors and habits you bring to the way you use them. David’s talk is a refreshing reminder to always bring our focus back to what matters — the work we’ve deemed important enough to organize in the first place!

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