“While this is obvious in retrospect, a great way to free up your time to work on something new is to give something up. Instead of optimizing every second of your day (which is do-able, but very difficult to maintain), I believe the better option is to make a sacrifice.” — Randall Degges

We only have 24-hours a day. A lot of productivity advice tells us how we can make better use of those hours. But sometimes, we don’t need better hours, we need more hours.


  • http://www.facebook.com/adriana.girdler.5 Adriana Girdler

    I believe it’s not about sacrifice. This means you are giving something up. You can have it all if you understand priorities. Make your day more efficient by having a vision statement and ensuring that everything you do is moving you forward toward that vision. Next step is to prioritize the items that you need/want to do to achieve your vision. You can’t do everything at once. Pick your top 3 items and do them well. Once done, move on to the next item. This approaches takes away time as the constraint. It make you focus on what is important. You can’t control time, so why bother. Control your action by doing things that have purpose and move you towards your goals. Now you are being productive!

    • Sean Blanda

      Well said!

  • Samantha

    You’ve mispelled the name of the person you’re quoting! It’s Randall Degges not Randell Degges. Please correct it. Thanks!

    • Sean Blanda


  • Aiden

    Nice and very informative. I am studying this problem and I must say that your article has helped me a lot.

  • Cindy Martin

    Every task is not a must-do, so it’s not a sacrifice when you carefully prune out those that are not…

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