“[Writing] is like wrestling; you are wrestling with ideas and with the story. There is a lot of energy required. At the same time, it is exciting. So it is both difficult and easy. What you must accept is that your life is not going to be the same while you are writing. I have said in the kind of exaggerated manner of writers and prophets that writing, for me, is like receiving a term of imprisonment — you know that’s what you’re in for, for whatever time it takes.” —  Chinua Achebe, from The Paris Review

Achebe, author of arguably one of the most famous books in the 20th century, Things Fall Apart, died last week.

What would embracing challenge instead of trying to relieve stress look like in your work? You can accept that it will be difficult, that your work will be a wrestling match, but you will do it anyway. Your life might be different when you’re creating — and that’s okay. “Different” doesn’t mean “worse” and “difficult” doesn’t mean “bad.”

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