Sometimes, productivity means tricking yourself a bit to pull the right levers that motivate you to act. TaskRabbit Engineer Zack Shapiro discusses the power of momentum when planning out tasks. First he writes them down. Then, he’ll chunk each task into sub-goals to complete, even if he has already completed them.

From his post:

(Personally, I put things on my list that I’ve already done, to trick my brain into thinking how accomplished I already am!)

Feel that adrenaline? The pulsing and excitement in your body? That’s momentum. That’s you exerting a force on the previously immovable object. By moving your project, you’ve established velocity. Every item you cross off your list increases your velocity.

Keep going!

  • Jesper Lindholt Ottosen

    1. make a to do list
    2. realize you’ve completed item 1
    3. congratulate ourself

    4. cross out above items
    5. done

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