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The details make design special. Designer Hidde van der Ploeg pulls out some of his favorite tiny details, including OS X’s “All My Files Icon” which has Steve Jobs quotes written on the pages.

If your work shows you have an eye for details, it’s also more probable you will get the job you’ve always wanted. Companies love to hire people who think of all the little details.

The details in a product are the thing which will inevitably make or break it. Take your time, think about the little details and polish, polish, polish until they are perfect. Good design does not come fast, but with time.

For more details like this, we highly recommend the “Little Big Details” blog.

  • anon

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  • Imran Sheikh


  • Jocelyn Poulin

    Love it!

  • Rupesh Shiramalla

    On Mac every icon tells the story of the Application. Here is the icon of TextEdit on Mac OS which has Steve Jobs quote “Think Different”.

  • David Fogarty

    Zooming in on the Safari icon shows imbalance between a balanced design with the needle and how North has been redefined.

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