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Alexis Ohanian: Give a Damn. Give Lots of Damns.

About this presentation

Alexis Ohanian shares lessons learned from years of building three startups from scratch. Making a customer’s day should be obligatory throughout every organization, he urges. Whether you mail swag to early users (like Hipmunk) or add fun to the otherwise mundane (like Wufoo), everything should have a personality that wins over users and, as a side effect, is more effective than any other kind of “traditional” marketing. “No one ever forgets their first 100 users,” he says. “Let them know that you give a damn.”

About Alexis Ohanian

Alexis is the co-founder of Reddit (now on the Board of Directors) and presently founder of Breadpig. After helping launch in 2010, he’s now an advisor. Today he’s the author of the e-book Make Something People Love and is an active startup advisor and investor with Das Kapital Capital. His book-book, Without Your Permission, is due out Fall 2013.



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