Yves Béhar : Why Designers Should Be In Love With The Process

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Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, the creator of the Jawbone headset and the $100 laptop, shares the seven principles that define his unique approach to the design process. His vision is one of “holistic making” in which the designer is involved from beginning to end — from defining the business model to designing the product to manufacturing to marketing. By “being there all the way,” Béhar believes that designers can create great products and accelerate the adoption of new ideas.

About Yves Béhar

Yves Béhar is the founder of fuseproject, a San Francisco-based design agency contributing to areas that include technology, furniture, sports, lifestyle, and fashion. Béhar brings a humanistic approach to his work with the goal of creating projects that are deeply in-tune with the needs of a sustainable future, connected with human emotions and which enable self-expression.Examples of fuseproject’s diverse projects include the world’s first $100 “XO” laptop for Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization, which aims to bring education and technology to the world’s poorest children. Other recent projects include a partnership with “Jawbone”, a leading edge mobile phone headset company; “LeCube”, a set top box for France’s premier digital TV brand Canal +; a recycling project for Coca Cola; a new identity and strategy for iGoogle’s home page; “MINI-Motion”, a new brand for BMW’s MINI Cooper; the LEAF light and other furniture projects for Herman Miller, and the NYC Condom for the department of Health of the City of NY.Béhar’s innovative designs have garnered more than 150 awards and his work is in the permanent collections of museums including the Musée Nationale d’Art Moderne/Centre Pompidou, the MOMA, the Munich Museum of Applied Arts and the Chicago Art Institute. In 2009, he was the one of two industrial designers invited to speak at Davos. Béhar was born in Switzerland and studied industrial design in Europe and the U.S.



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