Martin Ping: Transforming Society Begins With Transforming Yourself

About this presentation

All actions originate with a picture in your mind. In this reflective talk, Hawthorne Valley director Martin Ping — a pioneer of the sustainable farming movement — speaks about the crucial role of imagination in achieving our goals. As Ping puts it, “Having an authentic inner vision of what you want to achieve is essential to bringing it forth.”

About Martin Ping

Martin Ping is the Executive Director of Hawthorne Valley Association, a nonprofit promoting social and cultural renewal through the integration of education, agriculture, and the arts. Located in NY’s Hudson Valley, the Hawthorne Valley Association includes Hawthorne Valley Farm, a 400-acre biodynamic farm. A holistic approach to sustainable living, biodynamic farming develops the earth, plants, and animals to create a self-nourishing system.

Martin balances his time between developing the working relationships amongst the Association’s diverse enterprises — a dairy herd, CSA and market garden, GreenMarket stands, organic bakery and grocery store, visiting students programs, farm ecology program, day school, and more — and cultivating collaborative relationships between Hawthorne Valley and other organizations in the Upper Hudson/Berkshire region.



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