Scott Thomas: Designing the Obama Campaign

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As the Design Director for Obama’s 2008 campaign, Scott Thomas led a now-historic political campaign, in which branding, design, and the web played a truly pivotal role. Likening the experience to “building an airplane in flight,” Scott talks about the creative’s need for triage, the crucial role of incremental design improvements, and the importance of getting back to the hand and keeping things simple.Ed Note: Scott’s book about the journey, Designing Obama, is now available.

About Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas is constantly seeking the simplest answer to complex problems. Scott began his design pursuits studying architecture before bouncing to graphic design and web development. In 2006, he and five other creative types began a design collective, lovingly known as The Post Family. The group is devoted to supporting “family” member’s design habits – from silkscreen to letterpress, from illustration to blogging – in an effort to “get back to the hand.” In 2007, Scott’s career took a dramatic leap when he was invited to join the New Media team at Obama for America. He is currently writing a book that explains how an obscure senator rose to the highest office in the land and celebrity status with the aid of branding and design.


www.simplescott.com thepostfamily.com

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