Mark Ecko: Embrace the Mess

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Whether it’s due to exclusive communities in your industry or a slavish devotion to page views, tweets, and awards, it’s easy to get caught up in pleasing others. Entrepreneur, media mogul, and designer Marc Eckō tell us that, if we’re not careful, we can let others label us and define our career, robbing us of our natural potential. The solution? Stand up for yourself. What the gatekeepers may cite as a reason for your exclusion may very well lead to your success.

“Wealth that matters cannot be counted,” says Eckō. In this presentation, Eckō shares three strategies for taking control of your creative career, one gatekeeper at a time.

About Marc Ecko

Once a graffiti artist with no connections or fashion pedigree, Marc Eckō left the safety net of pharmacy school to start his own company. Armed only with hustle, sweat equity, and creativity, he flipped a $5,000 bag of cash into a global corporation now worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Eckō is an American fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor and artist. He is the founder of Marc Eckō Enterprises, a global fashion and lifestyle company. He is also the founder and chairman of Complex Media, the world’s leading provider of fashion, entertainment, lifestyle, and product trends to young male tastemakers. Complex Media Network includes 110+ websites that generate more than 700 million page views and 70 million unique visitors per month. Eckō serves as an emeritus board member to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Big Picture Learning, Tikva Children’s Home & Everloop. Marc lives in NJ with his wife and three kids.


Marc Ecko Cut & Sew
Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out

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  • Duane

    This reminds me of the points Marc made about Kanye West in his interview on the Breakfast Club. Have respect for the gate keepers but you don’t need their permission to succeed. Great talk.

  • mariohappy

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  • Bridget

    Wow! Great talk — loved the points on gate keepers and quantifying.

  • Dumile

    Wow…. Words to live by. Refuse to be labelled, think of the goalkeeper and not the gatekeeper.

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