Joshua Davis: Never Let Success Get In The Way of Creativity

About this presentation 

As creatives we strive for some form of success — some mountaintop, goal, or recognition. So what happens when we finally reach the thing we’ve been aiming for? After a lifetime of experimentation, artist Joshua Davis found his growth slowing after receiving high-level acknowledgment for his work. “I got lazy, I got comfortable, and I produced less,” he says.

Stagnant and absent of the fear that fueled his creativity, he embarked on a multi-year journey to make himself uncomfortable: switching tools, methods, and collaborators. Along the way, he discovered the pitfalls of the known and the importance of play and fear in the creative process.  

Please note: This talk contains adult language. 

About Josh Davis

Joshua Davis, is a New York based artist, designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. Currently he is residing at Sub Rosa as Interactive Director.


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