Volume Two

Maximize Your Potential

Edited By: Jocelyn K. Glei/
Foreword: Scott Belsky

Success isn't about being the best.
It's about always getting better.

Can you step outside your comfort zone? Bounce back from failure? Build new skills? Tapping into your true potential is no idle endeavor. It demands creativity, dedication, and a whole lot of hustle.

With wisdom from 21 leading creative minds, 99U's Maximize Your Potential will show you how to generate new opportunities, cultivate your creative expertise, build valuable relationships, and take bold, new risks so that you can utilize your talents to the fullest.

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With Contributions From:
Entrepreneur and Co-Author
The Start-up of You
Moonwalking With Einstein
Head of Behance
VP of Community, Adobe
Fast Company
Author & Professor
The Progress Principle
Founder & Author
So Good They Can't Ignore You
Author & CEO
The Medici Group
CEO & Founder
The Energy Project
inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity
The Myths of Creativity
Do More Great Work
Associate Director
Columbia University Motivation Science Center
Author & Blogger
Get More From Life
Chief Learning Officer
Lateral Action
Author & Researcher
The Mistake Bank
Sunny Bates Associates
Writer & Researcher
Stanford University
Entrepreneur & Author
These Days
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Maximize Your Potential will show you how to:
  1. Develop a “growth mindset” to stay competitive by constantly building new skills.
  2. Push outside of your comfort zone to build better work and creative habits.
  3. Identify your work sweetspot and create new opportunities for your career.
  4. Surround yourself with a network of collaborators to take your work to the next level.
  5. Mine your “failures” for valuable data about what works and what doesn’t.
  6. Embrace your power to make the outcome of any risk a success.
Praise for Maximize Your Potential:
  • “Maximize Your Potential is an authentic, powerful guide to making the most of your innate talents. When 'follow your passion' just doesn't cut it, this book gets to the heart of how to make your long term career goals a reality.”
    — Tina Roth Eisenberg / Founder, Tattly + CreativeMornings
  • “A no-nonsense, experience-tested, life-approved cookbook for creative intelligence, exploring everything from harnessing the power of habit to cultivating meaningful relationships that enrich your work to overcoming the fear of failure.”
    — Maria Popova / Brain Pickings
  • “This isn’t for everyone—certainly not those who choose feeling helpless over trying to make something work. But if you’re looking to understand creativity through science and psychology with well-documented examples from ancient and modern history, Maximize Your Potential could be your literary jam.”
    — Kiran Umapathy / Holiday Matinee
About the Editor
Jocelyn K. Glei
Editor-in-Chief, 99U

A writer and the founding editor of 99U, Jocelyn K. Glei is obsessed with understanding how work gives our lives meaning. She has authored three books about work, creativity, and business, including the Amazon bestsellers "Manage Your Day-to-Day" and "Make Your Mark." Follow her @jkglei.


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